Headshot & Portrait Photography

We live in a time when the addage “you only get one chance to make a first impression” is more important than ever. If you’re here, you know a photo has to represent more than just the way you look. It’s a window to your character, personality, individuality, and your brand. Connecting everyday online for business networking, communications, and establishing a presence, we only get a brief moment to represent ourselves through an avatar or profile. At Headshots321, we believe images have to capture the best of who we are, paralled with defining the attributes that deliver the message of “a thousand words” in that one brief chance.  

“I’ve never heard so many positive reactions to any photo, especially for a business headshot. Truc was a dream to work with and I recommend his work every chance I get.” – Dean Willard, Imagine Wireless


Trúc Allen

I’m a Seattle based photographer with a passion for adventure photography and headshot/portraits. I love working with people on both sides of the lens, and moreover, creating a memorable and lasting experience. I believe that headshot work is capturing the very essence of what makes us unique. Everyone has a story, and I believe every photo should tell, or evoke a curiousity to that that story.


Headshots are one of our favorite things to do!  Locations can be in studio or on location, whether you’re wearing a suit or tankini, our goal is to represent who you are, and what makes you, you. 




We’ve been shooting events across the country for the last decade. From full scale galas and fundraisers to outdoor festivals and the most intimate of gatherings. 



Kids & Family

If there’s one thing that we put above all the things we do and love, it’s our families. So we understand the meaning and importance of capturing those moments, days, or years with loved ones. 




Going on a trip where you wish every shot wasn’t a selfie with your phone camera? Relive those memorable times with images captured by an experienced adventure sports photographer!




Katherine Hollis

Eastrail Partners // Executive Director

“As someone who is not comfortable posing, Trúc made me feel at ease and really captured me! My portrait is personal enough to gift my spouse, and professional enough to use for work. Additionally, graphic design and tech are not at all in my wheelhouse, and I needed to put together a logo and website from scratch. Trúc made it happen. His skill, patience, design expertise, and willingness to help went above and beyond!”

Cortney Cusack, ND

Roots For Health // Owner

“Working with Truc/Headshots321 was truly a pleasure. Many of us were nervous about the process, but Truc was an excellent coach and quickly made us all comfortable in front of the camera. We even had fun with the shoot which is reflected in the genuine photos he captured. Truc made the process even easier by setting up in our office. I love the results and the positive feedback I regularly receive when people view our website.”

Joe Sambataro

Access Fund // NW Dir.

“We’ve hired Truc multiple times for major events, headshots, and even for my personal family photos. We can always count on him to provide awesome images quickly and professionally. Not only that, but he’s a great guy to work with in all capacities!”

Mercedes Pollimeier

Athlete, Author, Fitness Coach // Modusathletica

“I am always so stoked to work with Truc. He truly cares about what your vision is and matching his talents accordingly. He did a whole video series with me for my book and I couldn’t be happier! The videos and photos are both timeless and offered a new dimension to my book. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to elevate their brand!”