Defining Your Impression

There’s so much truth the addage “you only get one chance to make a first impression”

With every photo session, we provide not just the photography, but the coaching necessary to make the client as relaxed and comfortable as possible while in front of the lens. We discuss and show the photos as we take them, so clients know where things are perfect, and maybe where we can make it even better. 

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Trúc Allen

Trúc (pronounced True) Allen came to the United States as a refugee with his mother after escaping the war torn country of Vietnam in 1980. With only $50 to their names, Trúc’s mother worked around the clock to provide the humble beginnings of living the American Dream. 


After college and traveling the country as a dirtbag climber, mountain biker, and whitewater kayaker with his two dogs, Trúc began shooting adventure photography professionally in 2011.  As he progressed in camera and lighting techniques, he found a love for what he describes as “capturing the essence of what makes us unique. Everyone has a story, and I believe every photo should tell, or evoke a curiousity to that story.” And so began his passion for portraiture and headshots.

Today, Trúc lives with his wife and son in Seattle, WA, capturing beautiful faces, traveling for work, and always in the pursuit of finding the next adventure.