Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have any safety practices in place regarding COVID-19?

Yes indeed. We have a lot to consider when it comes to the safety of our clients and staff. The beauty of photography is that we let the lens, not ourselves, do all the work for getting up close. We will always have masks, hand sanitizer, and always be deliberate in our distancing. For non-studio or outdoor sessions, we will meet the client at the location separately, and maintain any likelyhood of contact avoided throughout the session. Please check out more by clicking here for our COVID-19 Safety Precautions


I’ve never been comfortable in front of the camera before.

We know the feeling. And you’re not alone! We feel confident that with our coaching and relaxed environment will have you smiling and comfortable within a few shots. We show you the images we take, and coach you even further towards getting great shots. It is our passion to capture the best in our clients, and we won’t rest till we do! 


What Should I Wear?

The idea of dressing for the occassion should come to mind when assessing what outfit, or outfits, to wear. Our best answer to that question is “to wear what you feel you look best in.” We all have those favorite outfits we put on and it brings a smile to our faces, or just makes us feel good. Yeah, wear that one! 

As a general guideline though, we love and suggest wearing clothes that have color and compliment you. From your eyes, skin, hair, to your personality. What is it that makes you, you? Consider different cuts, necklines, colors, subtle but complementing jewelry and accessories. 

If you’re using these photos for a corporate role, or general networking on social profiles, casual formal to formal is suggested. If you’re in a more casual industry, like the outdoors for example, throw on your best teeshirt, midlayer, jeans, and maybe a fleece or sweater. This obviously plays into the type of industry and or region you’re from. For example, a CEO in Seattle or Portland may dress quite differently than thier Eastern counterpart in DC or NY. 

If you feel like you have more questions, feel free to give us a call or email and we’ll give you more tips. 



Should I Bring More Than One Outfit?

Yes. Even if it’s just for the 1/2 hour Quick Session. We had one client who brought up to 6 changes for the 1/2 hour. Things happend pretty fast and got a little challenging in the end as these sessions actually takes a lot of energy than one initially imagines. We don’t recommend that many changes in a short time, but genearlly, bringing 1 extra change is nice for the Quick Session, and 3-4 for the Standard. Having additional options in general is a good idea in case any accidents or spills.


Grooming, Shaving, Hair, & Make Up

To a degree, we recommend grooming, shaving, coming in right after getting your hair cut, or even hiring a make up artist for that one special photo. Get made up (or keep it rough cut!) for that type of photo and image you want the world to see. 

We also recommend bringing lip balm and eye drops…you’ll be smiling and trying not to blink a lot! A small mirror or checking yourself in your phone camera is great too. Don’t worry, we’ll be a true friend and nicely tell you if you have something in your nose or teeth. 


Headshot, or Portrait? And what’s the difference?

Headshots are photos typically tight shots from the chest up. Portraits typically include head to toe. Because portraits include a bit more, we try to vary the backgrounds and locations if possible; and headshots are taken along with portrait sessions. 


Black and White, or Color? 

Yes to both! While we love the contrast and aesthetic of black and white in our headshots, we provide both color and black and white with our packages. 

What happens if the weather becomes a factor if we’re planned to shoot outside?

Rain, snow, blaring sunshine, night skies; with our background in adventure photography, we’ve learned to adapt over the years and become creative in our methods. There are always options to create some magic with the conditons. Generally, unless our clients are set on a specific type of day/condition, we will play it by ear up to the day before, and make the call on where and what kind of shot we can do. And we can decide together from there. 

Still have questions? Please  contact us with any further questions or concerns!